Points de vente

Vitrine Librairie Vernon
Nos ouvrages sont en vente dans les librairies suivantes :


A Vernon :

– La Compagnie des Livres, 76 rue d’Albuféra 27200 Vernon

– Office de Tourisme, musée A.-G. Poulain, 12 Rue du Pont 27200 Vernon

– Espace Culturel – Centre E. Leclerc, Boulevard Jean-Jaurès 27200 Vernon

A Saint-Marcel :

– FNAC – Galerie commerciale Intermarché, Rue des prés, 27950 Saint-Marcel

A Giverny :

– Fondation Claude Monet 84 Rue Claude Monet 27620 Giverny

Par correspondance :

Editions Givernales, 38 route de Giverny, 27200 Vernon (voir page « pour commander »)

5 commentaires sur « Points de vente »

  • Hello,

    I brought back with me to the US the 365 Giverny photos calendar, which I bought when visiting the Fondation Claude Monet. I just opened it, and it is so wonderful! Thank you for putting it together. I live in the US, but want to buy it for someone who lives in Paris as a gift. Is there a way for me to do it online, on your site, or on some other site?

    Thank you,

    • Thank you very much, Mike! I will be pleased to send a copy to your friend in Paris. I’m getting in touch by email for details.

  • I also loved this calendar that I saw at the gift shop in Giverny. Unfortunately the store was out of stock of the 365 flowers. I am in Paris for a few more days but live in the US. Is there a place to purchase it here or can I order a copy?

    • Roberta, Yes you can order it, with pleasure. If you are not in a hurry the shipping is inexpensive. I’m sending an email about the details. Thank you for your order.

  • Bonjour Madame,
    Nous avons le calendrier de Giverny et je voudrais avoir un autre pour faire un cadeau de Noel. J’habite dans californie. Pourriez-vous me dire comment je peux l’acheter? Je vous remercie beaucoup.
    Marilyn Reymann

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